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Talent Beyond Boundaries is the only organization in the world working to facilitate international employment for refugees.

TBB is working to establish safe and legal pathways for refugees to be linked to the global labor market. This is a unique opportunity to take part in an initiative that is different from traditional solutions.

TBB is forging a new legal pathway for people who are displaced from their home countries due to conflict or persecution. Only a small number will be placed in employment during this initial pilot phase. By registering in the Talent Catalog, forcefully displaced individuals can show employers the wide range of talent across different sectors that they can consider in international hiring. Then, TBB will expand this initiative.

In order to register with us, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • You have been displaced from your home country due to war, conflict, or persecution and are living in Jordan or Lebanon. *In the future, TBB plans to expand to other countries.
  • You face legal barriers to accessing employment in your field.

Refugee registration with UNHCR is not mandatory to register with TBB. TBB’s program is open to individuals of any nationality who meet the above criteria.

Please Note: We understand that every person’s case is unique. If you are unsure if you are eligible for our program please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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How to Register

Currently, individuals can register with TBB on our online platform, the Talent Catalog, which is a secure website that collects information about employment experience, education, skills, and language capabilities.

Registration takes about 10 minutes and is free of charge. Registrants can download their personalized CV after successful completion of a profile.

To register, visit:

TBB uses this online Talent Catalog to show employers the skills and talents of those who are displaced from their home countries so that employers around the world can consider hiring them during their international recruiting. TBB has already used the Talent Catalog to secure several employer partners who have initiated the recruiting process with a small number of candidates registered in the Talent Catalog.

Registration Tutorial (Arabic)

TBB Testimony

“I want to tell everyone: Do not hesitate to go ahead with TBB. You will gain a lot of benefits even if you can not get the job. Your confidence will increase, your skills will improve, and you will be ready for any challenge in the work sector.”

- TBB Candidate

TBB'S Role

Talent Beyond Boundaries is a nonprofit organization; it is not a traditional job placement or resettlement agency.

The role of Talent Beyond Boundaries is to identify employers and work with candidates to overcome the unique barriers faced by individuals who have fled from conflict that can hinder their access to international employment.

TBB cannot guarantee employment and will not select individual candidates to be hired. Rather, TBB will connect qualified applicants with companies seeking their skill sets. The corporate partners will decide whether to make a job offer and the potential candidate will decide whether to accept an offer of employment. Our services to job seekers include:


As international opportunities arise, we search our Talent Catalog to match candidates to suitable international employment opportunities


We offer candidates selected by employers CV preparation, language testing and training, and interview preparation


We work with candidates throughout all phases of the immigration process


We help ensure successful placement by linking candidates to support services in their countries of destination

Important Notes Before You Register

  • Enrollment and participation in the international recruitment process is completely free of charge.
  • Talent Beyond Boundaries has no political or religious affiliation.
  • Talent Beyond Boundaries will facilitate skills and language verification testing and identity verification when needed for candidates that match employers’ hiring needs. Copies of diplomas and certificates are not mandatory to register.
  • TBB will help facilitate legal travel for candidates selected by employers using safe and legal pathways for skilled workers, such as work visas. A valid passport is not mandatory to participate in the Talent Catalog.
  • The Talent Catalog is secure and private. TBB will share profiles without names or contact information with potential international employers interested in hiring.
  • Participants are not required to share their names initially but we ask for at least one method of contact.
  • This online site is available in both Arabic and English. Working proficiency in English is not required for all jobs but we encourage registrants with English language skills to fill out their profile in English to be considered for English-speaking opportunities.
  • This program is not resettlement, nor does it seek to connect participants to employment in host countries. It is international employment through safe and legal visa pathways for skilled workers.
  • Only complete profiles can be shared with international employers. Be sure to include all of your education, work experience, and skills.