The Talent Catalog

The Talent Catalog

Our unprecedented online tool collects the backgrounds of thousands of professional and skilled refugees and connects them to top employers around the world.

The Talent Catalog is the first online platform of its kind that collects the education and detailed work history of refugees.

The Talent Catalog was designed by Talent Beyond Boundaries in collaboration with Nazar Poladain, a Syrian project manager who resettled in Canada. Since the launch of the Talent Catalog, over 10,000 refugees have registered. Along with local partners, volunteers and SPARK, a partner NGO that is dedicated to refugee higher education, TBB teams in Jordan and Lebanon conduct ongoing outreach efforts to introduce talented refugees to the catalog. Once refugees enter their educational and professional experience in the Talent Catalog, CVs are automatically created for them to download and share with employers.

How to Register (Arabic)

The data collected in the Talent Catalog demonstrates the immense breadth and depth of talent among skilled refugees.

A quick glimpse of the educational backgrounds and professional skills of registrants proves their qualifications and competitiveness in the global labor market.

Levels of Spoken Proficiency
Among English Speakers
Levels of Spoken Proficiency Among English Speakers
Top 10 Occupations of
  • 1 - Professor or Teacher
  • 2 - Engineer (*Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Petroleum, Biomedical, Chemical, Other)
  • 3 - Accountant
  • 4 - Information Technology Professional
  • 5 - Skilled Tradesman or Tradeswoman
Types of Higher
Types of Higher Education
Levels of Spoken Proficiency
Among French Speakers
Levels of Spoken Proficiency Among French Speakers
Most Common Certifications
of Registrants
  • AutoCad
  • Graphic Design
  • ICDL

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